What Does A Wealth Manager Do?


Do you feel like you may need someone to help manage your finances so that you are prepared for the future? If so, you should look into using a wealth manager. Here are a few of the things that they can help you with to get you on the right track.

Help You Plan For Your Life

When a wealth manager says that they help with life planning, it is to set some key objectives for what financial goals you want to obtain over the course of your lifetime. This starts with something as simple as having a rainy day or emergency fund but ultimately leads up to having enough money for retirement. In between those two points, they can help plan for paying off debt, paying for college expenses, and things of that nature. Thankfully, all of these things have cash requirements that are predictable and possible to achieve. 

Help You Build Capital

Building capital works by finding ways to invest your money in smart and effective ways. In fact, one of the best ways to build capital is to work with a wealth manager early on in life, because the sooner you start investing the more potential you have to build capital. A wealth manager can work with you to find the right amount of risk that you feel comfortable with so that you can be prepared for all the potential gains and losses over the years. 

Help You Manage Capital

Once you are invested, you can't just let the money sit there and not change up your investment plan. That's why it's important to manage those investments over time. This includes re-evaluating what your goals are and if you can meet your targets with your current investment strategy. A wealth manager helps you to re-evaluate your risk level and change up the types of things you are invested in. You also want to be shifting to less risky investments as you near retirement so that you know the money will be there when you need it most. 

Help You Plan For Succession

The last step will be to plan to leave an inheritance to your children so that you can leave behind a legacy. This includes setting up trusts so that your money and assets will be protected and passed along in the most efficient way possible. It also includes making sure that you are not a financial burden on your children and that you have the money you need for all of the costs associated with your personal care later in life.

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16 June 2021

Learning More About Finances

After we bought a house, I started realizing that we were going to need to learn to save a little money. We had become pretty laid back about spending because we were so accustomed to making so much extra each month, but with a mortgage, we found ourselves running out of money on a regular basis. I decided to get real about our finances, which is why I set up a financial plan to stick with year round. You wouldn't believe how much of a difference that simple plan made. We went from scraping together money to head to the grocery store to sticking with a rock solid budget.