Emergency Funds: 3 Essential Things You Should Know


Are you trying to develop a plan to save for your retirement? If so, starting at a young age can help you have plenty of time to save enough. Before you start saving for retirement, though, you might want to create a sufficient emergency fund. A financial advisor can assist you with this task by helping you understand three essential things about emergency funds. 1. The Purpose Of An Emergency Fund

8 October 2020

4 Ways To Use The Economic Cycle To Your Financial Advantage


Financial planning cannot happen in a vacuum. No matter what your own plans are, successful planners take into consideration the overall economy and other exterior factors. Key among these is the boom and bust cycle of recessions and strong economies. How can you plan for both? Here are four key takeaways. 1. Look at History Modern investors have an advantage that earlier generations may not. They can look at even more historical data to understand how economic cycles work.

14 November 2019

Invest In Natural Gas To Help Secure Your Financial Future


Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is deemed cleaner than oil or coal. It is a commodity that is in high demand and could be your ticket to a financially stable future. If you are intrigued by the thought of making money through investing, learn more about gas investments through companies like King Operating Corporation to determine if this a financial endeavor that you would like to pursue. Don't Let The Numbers Fool You

31 December 2018

Financial Planning With A Baby In Mind


Many couples feel that adding children to their home will complete their families. A child can be a joy, but raising a child in today's world can be costly. Experts estimate that it can cost as much as $12,800 to $14,970 annually per child for a two-parent household to provide basic living expenses. Being financially prepared to support your future children is important if you want to avoid the money-based stress that having a child can produce.

27 March 2018

3 Ways You Can Invest A Portion Of Your Income Into Your Future And Retirement


Whether you are just graduating from college or you have been working in your chosen field for some time, it is never too late to begin investing for your future and your retirement. Here are three ways you can invest your income to save for your retirement. Open a Brokerage Account A good way to start investing is to talk to a financial planner and set up a brokerage account. A financial planner who offers brokerage services can help you determine how much of a goal you want to contribute to your brokerage account and which stocks or mutual funds are a good choice for you to invest with.

21 February 2018

3 Important Steps When Estate Planning For The Future


It's not something you often want to think about, but putting together an estate plan is paramount for ensuring the right parties get your assets should you pass on. To make this process a little less complicated, you can plan in the following ways: Create a Will It sounds fairly commonplace, but it's a good idea to create a will as soon as you can. Failing to do so could cause all sorts of headaches for your family, such as dealing with expensive court fees and heated arguments between family members.

28 November 2017

The Pros And Cons Of A Medicare Supplement Policy


If you have Medicare, you may be thinking about buying a supplement policy, also known as medigap coverage. Medicare does not cover all of the costs associated with your medical bills. It may only cover a flat fee or a percentage of your appointments, treatments, hospital stays and surgeries. This is where a supplemental policy kicks in. A medicare supplement covers these gaps up to the amount listed on your policy.

25 August 2017

Recharacterizing An IRA After Having Second Thoughts


When implementing a financial planning strategy, many individuals make the choice between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA. Afterward, however, another option is available to change the initial selection of IRA type. Within a prescribed time frame, individuals can recharacterize a contribution made to a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, effectively reversing the initial selection. A recharacterization is typically initiated by an IRA owner who develops a change of opinion concerning their chosen IRA type.

14 July 2017

Investing In Sports Teams: 3 Ways To Back Your Favorites


Most people aren't going to be able to call up a sports franchise valuation service and buy a national football or basketball team. But that doesn't mean that you can't bring your favorite hobby to your investment portfolio. There are many ways to invest in sports teams that don't have to involve betting on their wins. Here are some of the most popular. 1. Buying Collectibles A fairly direct way to invest in sports is to purchase collectibles.

24 June 2017

If You Plan to Retire Soon, Start Using These Financial Planning Tips


When you realize that retirement is around the corner, you may have mixed feelings about it. You might be excited to pursue hobbies and interests or travel, but you may be worried about how your finances will fare once you're no longer bringing in a full-time income. Before you clock in your last day, it's smart to start using the financial tips below to ensure that your retirement will be a happy one.

7 June 2017